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Should I sell courses on my own site or on Udemy?

This question comes up a lot…

The good news is, it has a short answer:  BOTH.

Instead of viewing it as an either or question, you should be doing both.

But, in this post, I want to share with you 5 reasons why you definately should be selling courses on Udemy.

This especially applies to you if you are an absolute beginner.

The fact is, if you’re thinking of starting your own online teaching business…it can and will get confusing and overwhelming pretty fast.

Should I start blogging?  Should I start a podcast?  What about a YouTube channel?

Not to mention the self-doubt that inevitably follows when you’re getting started:

Who am I to teach a course?

What if no one likes or buys my courses?

So, let me give you 5 solid reasons why Udemy is the best show in town when it comes to getting started for newbies and why you should be selling courses there:

1) “Earn While You Learn”

There are tons of things you need to get good at to have a thriving online business:

  • Market research
  • Creating promotions
  • Writing and creating content
  • Video production
  • Sales and marketing
  • Analytics

…not to mention all the technical nightmares of creating automated marketing systems that generate that elusive “passive income”.

Truth: there’s a lot to learn and a steep learning curve.

What’s great about Udemy is that when you know how to correctly leverage their platform, it allows you to literally get paid to build your skills.

You get a chance to focus on teaching and they do the marketing for you…when you understand how to use their platform the right way.

You’ll get experience creating programs that people actually pay you for, creating and editing videos, writing promotional emails and interacting with your target market.

All in a very plug and play environment.

The same cannot be said about following the other route which is the endlessly repeated mantra: “Build an audience, give out free content and later monetize that audience”

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2) Faster time to revenue

Another great advantage of getting started on Udemy is that you can literally start earning money from your efforts in the very first month of publishing your course.

Within a relatively short time you can generate a strong passive income for yourself.

I made $10.50 my first month.  In my sixth month I made $3,876.50.

What most people don’t realize about going with the “build an audience and later they will buy” philosophy is that it generally takes a good 12-18 months of doing the right things in order to have enough traction to make a solid, consistent income.

And we’re NOT talking about passive income, just the ability to produce consistent income.

I know many people who have had their online “businesses” for over a year and still have made little or no money.

3) Consistent passive income

The idea of generating passive income is one of the most seductive ideas to come out of the world of online business.

Getting paid while you sleep, working from the beach while sipping Mai Tais…the claims are appealing to say the least.

And some people get rich selling the dream that it’s easy to do.

…but the reality is quite different.

Generating consistent, truly passive income is actually hard.

Especially upfront.

The passive income dream is real but there’s a ton of work on the front end for little or no money and the learning curve is rather steep.

In order to consistently earn passive income, from your own site, it requires many things to come together:

  • Building webpages
  • Writing auto responder sequences
  • Paying for advertising
  • Creating high quality content
  • Buy a shopping cart
  • Tracking analytics
  • Creating graphics
  • Correctly structuring your offer
  • Correctly structuring your marketing “system”
  • Creating content
  • Collaborating with freelancers (or worse “employees”)
  • Building a program that people will actually pay you for

…and learning many other software tools that are required to make everything work right.

It literally feels like you’re constantly learning to use new tools and nothing ever works right.

There’s always bugs.

And knowing how to set all that stuff up right AND get the technology to play nice together is a herculean challenge.

What’s great about leveraging Udemy is that you can create consistent passive income.

In the last 10 months alone I’ve earned $57,027.94 in passive income from Udemy course sales.

That’s an average of $5,702.79/month.  Full-time passive income:

And with conservative estimates for the next 3 months, I should do another $23,000 on top of that, for a total of over $80,000 in passive income.

Since it’s passive, I have time to build other businesses, travel or sit back and be lazy…which I often do.

I know people who have had course or product launches do well through Joint Venture Partnerships and still struggle to make consistent income…let alone passive income.

I know others who have six and seven figure coaching businesses who’s quality of life is terrible and they secretly hate it.

They jumped out of the corporate world and into a different kind of slavery…still trading time for dollars.

Passive income is the key to time freedom.

I was sold on the idea of passive income, long before I ever created any.

Before finding Udemy, I tried blogging and offering affiliate products through Amazon.

I created ebooks for kindle and all kinds of other stuff.

Nothing has come close to the results gained from leveraging Udemy’s platform.

4) Leverage their 20M+ student base

Udemy has a huge base of paying students.

This is key because, there’s a world of difference between a group of people who have only consumed free content and people who have actually bought something.

Udemy is also the largest marketplace for video courses in the world.

And that’s the keyword:  Marketplace.

So, this means that you can tap into a large group of buyers for your niche.

People already spending money on programs related to what you teach.

Instead of having to spend months and months building your audience from scratch, you can start leveraging their marketplace now.

…and building your audience with people who buy your courses and learn about you from Udemy.

That’s HUGE, because, someone who has bought something from you is 10-15 times more likely to purchase something else from you.

So, if you’re building an audience of people who have already bought courses from you via Udemy, guess what you’re building?

An audience of buyers!

From a business standpoint, that’s a much better “lead” than someone who has only consumed your free content.

Also, anyone who’s ever run a business knows that the cost of acquiring new customers is almost always the biggest expense.

So, in this case, you’re essentially getting paid to acquire customers.

But some people will object and say that technically they are Udemy’s customers and that you can’t directly ask for their email address, etc.

That is true..but I would say they lack imagination and are focused on what’s missing rather than maximizing the opportunity that exists right before their eyes…


  1. You can capture email addresses directly in your final lecture.
  2. You can have a slide at the beginning of your promo video, intro video (and at the bottom of every video in your course) with your URL.
  3. You can send educational announcements to your Udemy students directing them to your own websites, webinar, etc.

The truth is you do get traffic from Udemy.

I know because up until I started teachfluence.com, I created other websites and did zero content marketing, no paid advertising, no social media marketing, nothing to drive traffic to my sites.

It all came from Udemy.

While they were on my site, I captured email addresses and sold thousands of dollars of my own programs (not Udemy courses) to the same people who had already purchased my Udemy courses.

Over the past 10 months, on top of the passive income I’ve earned from the Udemy course sales, I have also leveraged Udemy and added another $50,000 from very little extra work, selling entirely to people who learned about me from Udemy.

5) Market data you can’t purchase

Another rarely discussed benefit of selling courses on Udemy is that you get market data that you literally can’t purchase.

Here’s what I mean:

One of the keys to any business is to know your customers.

Know their challenges, common questions and pain points.

The hard part is finding that out.

Finding out what is really going on inside the mind of your prospects.

The common advice for online businesses to find this out is:

  • Go to Facebook groups
  • Go to online forums

…and start interacting with your target market.

I don’t know if I was just impatient but I found that approach to be incredibly time-consuming, not productive and BORING!

When you have students enroll in your Udemy courses, you interact with them in the discussion area.

You see the patterns of questions that come in, not from someone who just joined a Facebook group but from someone who actually pulled out their credit card and bought a course on your niche topic.

You get to know your target market so well that you can easily create a program that addresses their true needs extremely well.

So, you’re also earning money while you gather market data from your target audience.


If you’re one or more of the following, then Udemy is probably your best option for starting or growing an online business:

  1. An expert looking to escape the 9-5 and make a difference in the world
  2. You want to start a passion based business but are overwhelmed or confused about where to start
  3. An online entrepreneur looking to escape the “feast or famine cycle” and create consistent passive income
  4. A consultant looking to stop “trading time for dollars”

Online learning is hot right now and will be for years to come.

…and specifically, video courses is where it’s at.

The single most important action you can take right now is to find the right idea for your Udemy course.

It’s about finding a profitable idea that you’re also passionate about.

You can do everything else right, but if you get this wrong –> YOU’LL MAKE LITTLE OR NO SALES.

On the flipside, you can make a lot of mistakes but with the right idea, you’ll still make money.

Finding the right idea is the Ultimate First Step you can take and it is… unfortunately… far too involved to cover here. (Wow… I just noticed this post is almost 2,000 words.)

If you want to learn more about the process that I use to consistently create Udemy Bestsellers (9 total)…

…you can access the FREE mini-course “How to Find a Bestselling Udemy Course Idea…In Less Than 15 Minutes” by clicking here:

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  • September 21, 2017