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A C E…

What does it mean?

…and how can it lead to possibly the best year of your life?

Well, if you make a real commitment to these 3 principles and practice them, imperfectly but consistently, you’ll have either the very best or one of the best years of your life..I guarantee it.

First there is Action.

Nothing gets done until there is some action taken.

I know you’ve heard this before.

The truth is that the things that really make the difference are not shiny new objects…

…or particularly sexy.

If you want a great body, you need proper nutrition and to put in the work in the gym.

If you want to a build a successful business, you need to take action to grow and develop it.

Pretty standard stuff…

…but there’s a world of difference between knowing the right answers…

…and applying them, consistently.

It requires a bit of mental toughness to consistently take action.  Even when you don’t feel like it.

…but something interesting happens when you do.  

When you set a goal and take consistent action, you make:


..but that’s not the interesting part.

The interesting part is that once you tackle one goal, it becomes much easier to start making changes in other areas of your life.

Because, your brain begins to generalize your new behavior, you start to change beliefs and begin to realize that you can make changes in all kinds of areas of your life.

It’s a form of “Generative Learning”.

…so commit to taking action.

Next we have Continuous Improvement.

This is simply a basic attitude of continual growth and development.

The Japanese have a word I love: “Kaizen”.

It means change for the better.

If you’re taking action consistently AND always looking for ways to grow and improve…that alone will take you very far, very quickly.

Part of this is has to do with not being satisfied with the status quo.

It’s been said that the good can often be the enemy of the great.

When something is pretty good in our life or business, it lulls us into complacency.

…but, complacency is actually terrible, because:

Things change really fast in our world (and the speed of change is increasing).

In other words, you can get the rug swept from underneath you extremely quickly in today’s world if you’re not constantly growing.

…and you often won’t even see it coming.

Where you are at today is the result of your previous efforts.  What you do today will determine the future you have.

And the final one is, in my opinion, the secret sauce to it all.

It’s my personal favorite.

It’s what will help you to keep taking action when perfectionism is nipping at your heels…

…it’s what will allow you to start new projects and take action on new ideas without getting immobilized by “analysis paralysis”.

…and that is Experimentation.

I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t apply this attitude.

…probably working a 9-5 that I loathed…

The attitude of experimentation totally re-frames your new idea into something fun, light…something that’s okay to fail at.

…afterall, you’re just experimenting.

This allows you to take risks that most people won’t take because they are afraid of failure.

..and that’s what secretly holds most people back:  fear of failure.

They can’t fail if they don’t try, so, it’s safer to do nothing.

..but with an experimental attitude, we look at failure a little different.

We almost anticipate some level of failure, because after all, it’s just an experiment.

It could go either way.

And isn’t this how life is anyways?  

We can fail.

The truth about success is that is a road littered with failures.

So, with this attitude, we’re okay with potential failure or being less than perfect and this allows us to get started.

You’ll truly be amazed at what you can accomplish in 2018 when you combine and consistently apply these three principles in your life.

Write them on a card and carry it with you every day.  Glance at it.

Repeat it to yourself over and over.

Send me email (ken@teachfluence.com) and let me know how this works for you or what you’re thoughts are.

I’d love to hear from you.

  • Ken
  • December 30, 2017