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What We Can Help You With

Launch Your Online Expert Business

We’ll help you go from concept to launch in the shortest time possible. We’ll help you discover the real value that lies hidden in your business and how to structure a winning strategy that helps you become profitable in short order. By using our proven system, you'll avoid the common mistakes and we'll show you how to setup and launch your business on a shoestring budget.

Create Automated Profit & Lead Generating Systems 

We’ll help you set up automated customer acquisition and lead generation systems for your programs. This means PASSIVE INCOME. It means setting something up that pulls in money and leads for your business, freeing you up to do other things. We’ll help you custom design everything from soup-to-nuts, showing you what software to use and how to put everything together.

Grow Your Business and Income

Once we have your business set up profitably, it’s time to scale it. We’ll show you how to use proven techniques to grow your income and reach the next level. From how to structure your programs, to which advertising platforms to use and beyond.

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What people are saying...

Wonderful course and instructor. Covers everything you need to start an online business. Thank you

Toni-Lynn Beal

5 stars!

Cameron Bendewald

Very interesting and informative. Everything he has said makes sense!

Kimberly Hall

Everything is very clearly explained and this goes at a pace that everyone will be able to follow, just focusing on one concept at a time.

Katie Bennie

Very well organized. The instructor had very good attitude and was easy to understand.

John Lambert

Great course! I learned many great tools that made sense and highly applicable in my leadership journey.

Sara Everhart

Very impressed with this course! To the point and informative! Thank you!

Kelly Rompel

Excellent instructor for this topic

Patricio Alvarado

Love this course!!!

Sharn Truscott

It covered absolutely everything I needed to know from sourcing equipment to which software to use and how to edit. I can't thank Ken enough for providing such valuable, concise and helpful information. Everything is easy to follow and well presented. This course absolutely does deliver on its promises.

Lisa Andrews

The course gave me insight into something I did not understand. It is also a course that I will keep going back to.

Cathy Cutt

Fantastic. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Teo

Great course and great support.

Robert Cowles

This course was very informative and delivered valuable insight. I will apply the ideas right away.

Willie Michael

Lots of detailed instruction; clear and understandable.

Francine Collier

Generally a fine presentation. I've learned more about meditation in the last hour than ever before in my life.

Reg Johnstone

I like the way he is explaining and re-framing what sales really involves.

Ian Vandrick

Very easy to understand. I am seeing difference just after a day's practice. Amazing!

Shibi Jothy

The course is relevant right off the bat!

Kara Dyer

Very helpful! Thank you.

Deborah Flanagan

Amazing content, very informative and organized, and full of examples that are clear and easy to follow.

Andres Giovany Moreno R.

This course is PRICELESS. I would have paid 20x what I paid. I learned so much and the course was put together really well. NICELY DONE! I'll be seeking out other courses offered by Ken.

Lori Lynn

A comprehensive and practical course in every sense. I thoroughly enjoyed the pace and completed the course with all the tools I need to start my own business. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing this field as a career.

James Steele

Great content and great delivery.

Surjit Singh Sodhi

I am actually learning from this course and the advice given is very much relatable.

Kim Flores

This course is great! If you want to learn how to sell, this is a great way to start!

Ronaldo Dalca

The speaker is very easy on the ear and I believe this is the course I am looking for, thanks.

Lorna Richardson

Clear easy to follow instructions and information

Vikki Davey

Excellent course! The best sales strategies I found. Recommended!

Dani Silva

I like the pace of the course. It's not too slow or quick and I have time to process and try out the new information. Mr. Wells does a great job of explaining his ideas while backing them up with practical examples. As a side note, I am watching the course on my phone and I have encountered zero problems. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend Mr. Wells' work.

Lachezar Georgiev

This course is well-structured and easy to follow. Very good for a beginner. Ken also presented the content in an engaging manner with lots of practical examples. I found this course very helpful. Thank you Ken, and I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn selling. Good job

Adam Naseer

Really easy to follow

Corey Bellrose

Great! Great! Great!

Keenen Hatton

Interesting Information.

Freddy Rascon

Very professional and interesting approach

Maria Magdalena

This course is amazing,it simplified my view on selling and it made my learning curve fast enough. I will be able now to make sales on a consistent basis. Each lecture is in dept and has real value. The instructor is very real on presenting which means he has experienced the lessons in sales and actually done the work and knows what currently working on the society. There is so much power on becoming a salesperson done right. And you can become massively powerful and have a complete skillet on sales by learning the lessons in this course. Take this course now and accelerated your sales and earn your thousands and millions of dollars. Thank you so much 😀

Enzo Coloso

Practical, short lessons.

Ivan Grundege

Very complete and engaging.

Michelle Novenski

The instructor Ken Wells has years of experience in Sales and I'm sure this course will help me to increase my sales.

Lucas Lobos

This is a well organized, well presented and effective course.

William Mayers

I love the fact that this course isn't information overload. The tutorials are short making it easy to stay focused. Explanations with examples are great. So easy to follow along & understand.

Darlene Brunner

There is a ton to learn and relearn in each and every one of the lectures. Everything said is extremely applicable and easy to begin using and incoporating in your every day life.

Taryn Sommers

Love that the instructions are short and sweet. Easy to write down as it goes along, and makes perfect sense.

Cristina Surplus

Very Informative and really helpful course. It helped me in improving my problem solving and creativity skills specially the mind mapping tools and skills used on this course. I'm very satisfied and Good Job!

John Refaat

Great course I enjoyed it and learned alot.

Terrence Keith Robinson

A very good course (I am about the halve of the lectures but just starting practice). Very 'demystifying' and clear. Happy I enrolled, I definitely recommend.

Resi Peters

Exactamente lo que estaba esperando!

Eva Donat Veiga

Great Info. just what I expected it to be.

Rebecca Holman

Just started this course and it's a course that starts off so positive and with great information for goal setting. I'm excited to see what comes next and glad I enrolled in Ken's course. Easy to understand and fun to learn steps to get my goals accomplished. It's an action course, enroll and getter done!

Barbara Gomez

I'm already feeling pumped and ready to go. You have a great course!

Clinton Gorman

Ken is a great communicator and the course is easy to follow.

Michelle Beneke

I've implemented these simple strategies and have seen results that I wanted.

Allen Redmon

Excellent course , this is the most valuable course that I think you should devote your time to.

Wei Wang

Excellent.. a must for everyone.

Arnav Khanna

I like the pace of this program and the information is great.

Patty Lawler

It seems to have all the info I have been looking for.

Eileen Rozelle

Very pleased with this course. Course is laid out in a simple to understand fashion and the techniques really work. Already tried the instant rapport technique and was frankly surprised at how well it worked...kind of a counter intuitive approach. The video and audio quality is solid and instructor is very engaging.

Lawrence Wiley

This course contains so much valuable information. Not only from watching and listening to lectures, but also that students are actively invited to work through 2 assignments as well. Ken the instructor has really put a lot of work into creating this course, and covered so much that will get students going in the right direction to achieve their goals. The course has recently been updated and Ken is active in the Q & A section for his students. A really worthwhile course.

Annie White

I love it! Great information. Thank you very much

Gerda Viselgaite-Drebule

Great course

Marlon Darcy

This is by far the best class on leadership I have taken and I have taken several of them. I am looking forward to continuing and growing in my leadership skills.

Jeff Arnette


Marc Barrieau

Tangible and real advice!

Sachin Thareja

Great course, I highly recommend.

Michael O'Connor

Very logical, orderly, easy to follow instructions.

Theresa Vanlandingham

I just finished all 3 Volumes of the `Persuasion Power` courses and must say, this is by far the best one of the 3. I got what I came for here! A lot of practical examples, quizzes, downloads, this is filled with usable information and is applicable to any language, character and situation. Whether it's private or professional. So if you have already gathered some knowledge in the field of persuasion and you only have time/resources for 1 of the Volumes, this is the one you should see! Thanks Ken for all the content and keep 'em coming!

Richard Cook

I very rarely give good reviews but this course is really good. Thank you.

Johannes Glaser

This course was fantastic. Fairly new to the subject but this course quickly took me to a higher level. Thank-you!

Scott Caldwell

I've just completed my first pass-through, and just watched everything in order without trying to absorb it too deeply (as recommended by Ken). About to start my 2nd run-through where I will really focus on the guidance and starting integrating the skills. Ken presents well and keeps the lessons concise and clear, trying a tip from another reviewer I did speed up the running time and it does add a higher-energy feel to the videos, but for my second pass I intend to play the lessons at normal speed. If you're interested in knowing more about communication this is a great place to start.

Sokha Singh

Course was very in depth. The information provided with the added recommendations were very helpful.

Gil Bolfango

Great information. Chapters were well taught.

Samantha Cross

It was very easy to understand. Very helpful.

Sandra Hyde

Powerful and to the point. Just like his other courses. Highly recommended.

Hemdeep Dulthummon

This is the first time I've taken an online course like this. It's great that I can go back and listen over and over. I believe this will help me a lot.

Jamie Byrnes

The instruction is very easy to listen to and to the point.

Stefan Drobel

The presenter obviously knows a thing or two about their subject, and is extremely capable of putting his message across.

Ian Carter

Lots of useful information.

Dave Chambers

The information is methodically presented and practical. Notes are provided for each lesson. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their communication both personally and professionally.

Gil Fox

I enjoyed this course from the beginning till the last lecture. The instructor was very knowledgeable and he was able to make the course attractive. I already started to apply what I learned in my daily routine.

Carmen Micu

Great course. Very informative and applicable.

Minh Duc Do

Giving great content. Setting me up to create what I wanted to do!!!

Juli Gaulthier

If you're​ looking to expand your online business, this is a great course with easy to follow directions. I would recommend this course to anyone who was starting out in online business for any topic! I learned a great deal and can't wait to put it all together

Scott William Schmidt

I appreciate Ken's clear explanations. he tends to know what questions I'm thinking and answers them in his narratives. I really like the lists he gives, how to prepare, obstacles...and everything makes so much sense to me. Moreover, the structure, content, and cohesion of this course reflect the care and competency of this instructor.

Suzy Jacobs

Very simple but in a good way. Ken is direct with the words he uses and does a good job explaining stuff that I've found I struggled to understand other places. Thank you for the great course Ken!

Braydon McNabb

Great course.

Nicholas Guerrero

Great and informative content. Very understandable, well explained, and engaging.

Meryl Coulthurst

I really enjoyed this course! Very good usable information! A+ course

Colleen Baker

I tried different techniques , but it didn't work for me, which led to information overload. But when I decided to take this course, it really helped me a lot. Thanks, Ken, keep up the good work.

Kamaal Mohamed

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