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“I help coaches create 6-figure online businesses, with full-time passive income streams so they can have the time freedom to enjoy their lives...while working ONLY with high-ticket, laser targeted clients they love...in only 4 hours per day...without blogging, social media, sales funnels and paid ads….even if they are absolute beginners who are crazy busy and hate to sell”  

You lay awake on Sunday night, stomach churning as you think about having to go into that soul destroying office building to once again have your dreams and remaining creativity wrung from your heart like water from a towel…

You have an online course(s) that you poured your blood, sweat and tears into but you earn about enough from it to treat yourself (or worse your family) to a soggy Mcdonald’s “dinner”…

You pop ibuprofen like candy when you start to think about all the complexity of digital marketing and the techy stuff that goes with it…

You want to teach what you love, make a meaningful impact in the world and make great money doing it, so you can have Freedom and Choice over how you spend your time and travel the world BUT you feel like you’re holding a hundred loose ends when trying to figure out how all this online business stuff fits together…


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    Spend the rest of your life working for someone else OR “trading time for dollars”
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    Spend your precious time putting together a course or program and have no one buy it
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    Have people buy your course but never start and take action on it
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    Sound salesy or cheesy when promoting your business


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    It’s not (just) about building an audience that you later monetize
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    It’s not (just) about creating high quality content
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    And it’s not about endlessly churning out free content with the hopes that later people will magically buy from you

To build a highly profitable online teaching business that changes people’s lives while putting multiple zeros in your pocket via semi-passive income streams:

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    You MUST learn HOW to Create Programs that People Want, are Eager to Buy AND Take Action on
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    You MUST Create Systems and Structures that do the Heavy Lifting for you and allow you to Earn Money while you’re not working, so you can Create Real Leverage
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    You MUST use Marketing and Persuasion Techniques that Inspire People to Take Action – Buy Your Programs, Start and Apply them WITHOUT coming across like a Used Car Salesman from an 80’s movie
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    You CAN half-ass the website, logo and brand colors…

…and get away with it but if you half-ass the MARKETING, you’re screwed.

That’s where I come in!

I help the frustrated, the lost and the techno-confused bulldoze their way through the many challenges of creating a profitable online teaching business and navigate the world of program creation, sales and marketing.

It really is THAT simple!

But, who the hell are you and why should I care?

I am Ken Wells, born in Seattle in 1983, I geek out on mind-bending stuff like considering the nature of reality, I love deep conversations, I like spicy Italian food, I draw art at the stick-figure level, I have a soft place in my heart for animals…and I love long walks on the beach… 🙂 

I'm also an expert at creating Highly Profitable, Best-Selling Online Programs AND helping others do the same.

57,977 individuals and companies in 181 countries are currently enrolled in my programs

My company exists to help you start, grow and develop your online teaching business so that you can share your gifts with the world, help other people and make a great living doing it. Sounds pretty great, right?

That’s the bottom line; if you want to find out more of the nitty-gritty about myself and my company, please read on.

A Coach for Subject Matter Experts, Teachers, Coaches and Others Wanting to Change People's Lives…

This business found me.

After spending 13 Years in B2B Sales…I was ready for a change.

Too many hours and too much stress were starting to take their toll on me.

I just couldn’t imagine doing what I was doing for the rest of my life.

I came across Udemy.com and with no experience, I managed to publish my first course in June 2015.

I made $10.50 my first month…hardly a good ROI.

So, I put my obsessive mind to work and devoured everything I could on course creation, SEO, digital marketing, persuasion, etc.

More than anything else, I made the commitment to find out how this online business stuff actually worked…starting with Udemy.

I created more courses and put everything I learned into action.

The results were better, but I was still missing something…

After months of trial and error I started to put the pieces together and get everything to work for me.

Since then I’ve been able to publish several Best-Selling courses on Udemy and expand beyond that platform to grow my business from $10.50 the first month to a 6-Figure a year business in under 1.5 years, completely from my laptop.

I say this business found me, because, I had no plans of being a business coach.

My passion has been and is anything that has to do with fully exploring and expressing our potential.

Since I was a teenager I’ve immersed myself in everything related to personal development, persuasion, sales, leadership, success conditioning, spirituality, etc.

Basically anything that has to do with fully tapping into our potential as human beings.
So, I wasn’t looking to help people with their businesses.

What happened was that people started to ask me for help with their courses on Udemy and course marketing in general.

My first business coach was referring his clients to me…then he was asking for advice himself!

At first, I would just answer their questions but after awhile it was starting to become more time consuming.

…and the people kept on coming…

So, I decided to put more organized programs in place to help people to, essentially, do what I’ve done and create semi-passive income streams, have freedom and choice with their time again to learn and teach what they are most passionate about.

What makes teachfluence different?

I teach people how to create programs that people love to buy and take action on.  

This is through a unique style and blend of transformational instruction and persuasion that I’ve dubbed “Teachfluence”.

A combination of business savvy, leverage based business design (i.e. making money while you sleep), sales and marketing skills, that allow you to grow your business…

...without feeling salesy and without wasting your time on bullshit techniques that don’t get real results.

What makes me different is that I built my business without spending money on advertising AND without content marketing…working an average of 10-14 hours per week and became essentially semi-retired at age 33.

I also had no list, no social media presence, no special connections..started completely from scratch and broke many of the “rules” the gurus teach on how to create an online business.

…And, I run my business for under $100 per month.

What do I believe?

I believe...

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    You can only reach your true potential by being of service to others. Life is about more than merely satisfying our personal desires
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    You don’t have to spend your life doing work you hate. You can do what you love. The internet has truly leveled the playing field and opened up opportunities for the average person that didn’t exist before
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    Your business should be fun. It shouldn’t be another job. If you often feel like it’s work, you’re doing it wrong
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    In constantly investing in myself and my business..a commitment to continuous improvement (“Kaizen”)
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    To make real progress in life you have to stop waiting for permission. You need to make a decision to do something and start doing it..mostly learning as you go

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